Agnes Wuyam: Dreams come true!

Agnes Wuyam Photo: Rafael Poschmann

Agnes Wuyam is a Polish designer based in France. She has over 30 years of international experience in fashion design.

Karolina Wirowska: Milano Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week – what else can be a new challenge for you?

Agnes Wuyam: It’s true, that Fashion Week was already in Europe but my dream is to work for cinematography.

K. W.: What qualities must a Polish designer have to work successfully in the fashion industry in France? Of course, apart from great talent?

A.W.: France is now my second homeland but it was really difficult. What you need to have is persistence, courage also perseverance, and always love what you do.

K.W. : Designers in times of crisis have a problem selling their collections, you sell everything a few weeks after the premiere. How do you do it?

A.W.: Agnes Wuyam’s creations arouse admiration at shows. It is true that sometimes I sell them right after the show. I do not know, I think that this is because my love put into this work.

Photo: Maciej Daniłowicz

A.W.: Where can you buy Agnes Wuyam clothing?

A.W.: You can buy my creations mainly in the online store and in Pop stories in France, Milan and Warsaw.

K.W.: Did the Coronavirus epidemic thwart your plans? What have you been doing in the last few months, when you couldn’t leave your home in France and fashion shows are a dream of the future?

A.W.: Pandemics has stopped selling contact with customers and production. But as a creative person, I created several movies with styling how to dress besides. I gave several interviews both in France and Italy and I was working on the strategy of my website.

Dress from Paris collection of Agnes Wuyam, Photo: Tomasz Koperski