Monika Zamęcka: I have never liked standing in line!

Karolina Wirowska: What feature of the Polish manager let you succeed abroad?

 Monika Zamęcka: I think that perseverance in achieving the goal and faith in dreams helped me the most. It is always very difficult in the beginning despite the fact that itseems that there is better everywhere where we are absent. The adaptation process in another environment, different mentality, language barrier, otherness in behaviour and culture, system and legal restrictions make the first barriers in running one’s business. Thanks to perseverance in my set goals, systematic work, courage and faith in dreams, I managed to tame them. Tolerance and dedication to change also play a big role. We can never have 100% certainty whether our built strategy will achieve full success, therefore we must always be ready to adapt to the current situation and introduce creative changes.

K.W.:What products is the market looking for? What do customers pay attention to on the Danish market?

M.Z.: The Scandinavian market is still influenced by the trend of eco-lifestyle. In cosmetics, Scandinavians have so far chosen eco-cosmetics mostly, mainly from the ‘white cosmetics’ (care) department. Currently, this trend is changing, more often and more willingly ladies start using colour cosmetics, nail stylization and eyelash extension services, permanent make-up and invasive treatments.

The Danish market is very specific, mainly in terms of the large extremes that occur. In Denmark, there is only about 6.000.000 inhabitants. The target group in the beauty industry is not large and the level of services and knowledge is still far from the level of global trends. On the other hand the industry here is very demanding, valued and well paid. Customers and consumers expect high quality products and services in general.

Until now, the conscious Danes have chosen mainly brands that they are familiar with and services which give them confidence in quality. However, the impact of Asian products and services often confuses them. Until recently, underestimated Polish production and knowledge about cosmetics has become a big object of interest and an authority to follow, of which I am proud.

K.W.: How will the market develop in the upcoming years?

I believe, very dynamically. Primarily, there will occur an increasement of the incoming competition which will fill the market niche and an increasement of the demand for high-quality products and services, thus aligning premium prices as more docent. I believe that customers and consumers of the beauty industry will be more aware of the distinction between high and low class products and services on the market.

K.W.: Is it worth following your dreams in business development?

M.Z.: Of course, it’s always worth. Without it I absolutely couldn’t have created a network of multiple educational academies, 2 prosperous on-line stores and develop a distribution of 2 Polish brands in Scandinavia so quickly. It is the dream of my own business itself that gave me strength and motivation to proact. I believe that if you want something in life and implement it consistently, everything is possible and realistic.

I’ve always believed that what and how you create is who you are. In business, the most important things are: an idea, a strategy, an in-depth market research, and a consistent implementation of the set plans every day. Only in this way can you achieve success. Don’t turn back to others. Cultivate your garden the best you can. Follow the best.

K.W.: Is it better to go mainstream on the market, or is it better to find a niche?

M.Z.: I think you have to compromise it. I have never liked standing in line, I always try to stand aside and look for the missing element. I believe that on the first place one has to start with an in-depth analysis of a given market (research), a niche and a demand in order to understand its needs and deficiencies, as well as to try overtaking the prevailing trends. Each market has its significant differences, even in the era of globalization. Finding your own niche in the field of growing competition is a challenge, therefore I think that if you want your business to be successful, you must follow your dreams, ideas, overtake and set trends, and be inspired by the best.

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